The Venus Protocol API providing access to indexed protocol data.

Venus Protocol API provides two groups of endpoints

Market Data - Endpoints relating to lending markets

Activity - Endpoints relating to user interactions with markets

Governance - Endpoints providing information about proposals and voter activity

Base URL

The API is available without authentication for testnet and mainnet.

mainnet: https://api.venus.io testnet: https://testnetapi.venus.io


Endpoints are versioned using the accept-version header. The values for this header can be stable or next. By default the stable version is returned. When a next version is available, a Warning - 299 header will be added to the stable version with a message of breaking changes. To receive this new version the accept-version header can be set to next.

When the latest next version is made stable and the previous stable version is deprecated, both values for accept-version will return the latest version. Using the next header at this point will add a Warning - 299 header alerting the client to remove accept-version: next to avoid receiving unexpected changes in the future.

Versioning Choreography

These steps describe the process of upgrading endpoints to new versions as they are released

  1. A next version is made available, accessible with the accept-version: next header. A Warning - 299 header is added to the stable version with details about breaking changes.

  2. Clients will be given adequate time to upgrade to use the next version.

  3. The previous stable version will be deprecated, the next version becomes stable and using the accept-version: next header will add a warning to remove the header or use the stable version.

  4. Clients remove the accept-version: next header to avoid receiving unexpected changes.

  5. The endpoint is now ready to release another version.

Market Endpoints




Governance Endpoints


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