XVS is the native token of Venus Protocol and serves as its governance token. By staking XVS tokens in the vault, users gain voting power proportionate to the amount staked. This voting power enables them to participate in the voting process for Venus Improvement Proposals (VIPs), thereby playing a critical role in the development and evolution of the Venus Protocol.

Furthermore, users who stake their XVS tokens in the vault have the potential to earn yield, creating an incentive for participation in the Venus governance process. This aligns the interests of XVS holders with the overall health and success of the Venus Protocol.

Next Steps and Future of XVS

The upcoming Venus Prime program adds a new dimension to the utility of XVS tokens. As Venus Protocol continues to innovate:

  • The launch of Venus Prime will provide opportunities for additional yield to committed users, using protocol's revenue instead of just relying on the token supply.

  • The program will introduce unique, non-transferable tokens for eligible participants, adding a new layer of user interaction.

These developments further emphasize the importance of the XVS token in the ecosystem, providing holders with more ways to earn and participate in the protocol's future.

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