Venus interface

Let's take a quick look at the Venus interface and the features available in each menu of the navigation bar.


In the center of the Dashboard interface, you will find the Supply and Borrow markets. You'll also notice a new column called 'Pool' which identifies the pool to which each market belongs. The Supply market allows you to lend your cryptocurrency assets and earn interest on them. You can choose which assets to supply and specify the amount you want to lend. On the other hand, the Borrow market allows you to borrow cryptocurrency assets by using your supplied assets as collateral. You can select the assets you want to borrow and specify the amount you need.


The Account interface provides an overview of your supplied and borrowed assets. Here, you can keep track of your balances and monitor the status of your transactions.

Core Pool

The Core Pool interface is your hub for exploring all primary markets available. It allows you to click on each market to examine essential metrics such as 'Supply APY', 'Borrow APY', and 'Total Liquidity', among others. This interface centralizes all your lending and borrowing activities within the main markets.


The Pools interface allows you to explore all isolated pools available. You can click on each pool to view all the markets within it. In the markets, you can see various metrics such as 'Supply APY', 'Borrow APY', 'Total Liquidity', and more.


The Vaults interface allows you to access and manage the vaults associated with Venus Protocol. Vaults are designed to provide users with automated strategies for optimizing their yields and managing their assets more efficiently.


The Swap interface enables you to swap one cryptocurrency for another within the Venus Protocol. You can exchange your assets conveniently and quickly.


In the History interface, you can review transaction history and track your previous activities on the Protocol.


The Governance interface provides access to Venus Protocol's governance features. Here, users can participate in voting and contribute to decision-making processes that shape the future of the protocol.


The XVS interface displays the current daily reward distribution rate for each of the protocol markets.


The VAI interface is where you can mint and manage the VAI stablecoin. VAI is created on Venus Protocol and is pegged to the value of one USD.

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